Sunday, May 20, 2007

And The Bump Keeps Growing!!!!!

So here I am today at 35+1, with the ever expanding bump! If you scroll down a little way, you'll see me at 28+3 wearing the exact same clothes, so can make a comparison!

I have just 2 more weeks at work, and both of them are 4 days, so into single work day figures now! 8-) It will be odd to not go to work, but seeing as I seem to have fallen off of some peoples e-mail lists, I've obviously already left to some people!!!

Not much else apart from growing and getting the room finished for Busby has been going on. Our room is getting there, but we need to decide on which wardrobe doors we want, as the white that we wanted, is more like cream!!! Then the floor can be laid and the blinds put up etc. So we're getting there!

Hope you are all well 8-)


Blogger kiwirach said...

i can't believe how much time seems to have flown by for you...not long now, and i'll be hooning(driving!!) up to see you and lil busby and getting all clucky!!.
looking forward to seeing pics of the finished room!!.

9:28 pm  
Blogger MWG said...

OMG expansion! Busby darlin it's Grandma!

You're looking fantastic sunshine, absobloominglutely gorgeous.xxxxxxxx

11:39 am  
Blogger Tracie H said... are blooming marvellously.
Tis exciting times.

7:53 pm  

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