Monday, March 12, 2007

Same old, same old...........

Not too much has been going on recently, hence the lack of posting! 8-) I've attended a couple of crops, run numerous errands, made oodles of cards, put plenty of loads of washing on & dried them, went to work and am still getting bigger!!!!!!!!

Last week I had a bit of a growth spurt and my belly increased from 41 inches to 43 inches!!!!!! With just under 15 weeks to go, think I'm going to end up looking like a beached whale in June - just fingers crossed it won't be bloody hot!!! LOL!!!

DH has moved all the stuff out of the little bedroom and has started ripping the skirting boards off too (thank you hun - he reads my blog you see!). I managed to go through 2 boxes of stuff yesterday - my god, the junk, please tell me why I kept it?!!!!!!! Still have numerous boxes to go through - all piled high in the living room - the theory being, if I'm in the room with the tv on, I can still sort through it!!!!! Canny huh?!!!

Apart from that, I had another visit to the midwife last week and at 24 + 3 weeks, bump was measuring 26 weeks, so slightly bigger, but still within normal parameters and bp was good too. My friend had her twins on March 1st - a girl and a boy, who I got to meet last Friday - both are gorgeous, so got some practice cuddles in!!!!

Definitely think that's all! Au revoir!


Blogger MWG said...

Can't wait to see the growth spurt!

12:20 pm  
Blogger kiwirach said...

you're going to be a pro with all this baby cuddling you're doing lately!!.

8:01 pm  

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