Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Whoo-hoo.....it's Pancake Day!!!!!

I know, how sad that I get excited about eating pancakes! LOL! But I have to say that they are one of my favourites & I never know what to have on them! Do I opt for the 'normal' lemon and sugar, or go for some good Canadian maple syrup, or maybe add some fruit and a HUGE dollop of cream?!!! Ooooooh, I'm going to be salivating all day, just trying to decide!!!

Tonight dh and I are meeting a friend at the local Arts Theatre to see Notes on a Scandal, but the best bit, is that they sell pancakes there! Both sweet and savoury, so it may take me some time to determine which I'm going to have!!!!

Ann from Scrapmates had a little boy on Feb 9th, called Jamie Austin. He looks such a cutie from the piccies and can't wait to have a cuddle in real life!

DH is pleased that his efforts to make that piccie easier to distinguish, has gone down so well! I'm doing fine, just the usual aches and pains & knowing that I have to go through the junk in the back room! You see, I'm a sentimental hoarder and if I have to go through it, I have to sit there and look at every photo, read every scrap of paper and then feel guilty if I have to throw anything out! I NEED to improve! We still have a loft of stuff that has not seen the light of day for 6 years, so I keep telling dh to just dump it - if I can't remember what is up there, it's obviously not important, but PLEASE don't make me go through it!!!!!

Right, will *****wave***** goodbye - have a great day 8-)


Blogger kiwirach said...

hope you had some yummmy pancakes this evening!!.

8:53 pm  
Blogger Debbie said...

Allie I'm exactly the same when it comes to tidying and sorting .. that's why it takes me sooooooo long and becomes such a chore!
So which pancakes did you go for in the end ..sweet or savoury? And what was the show like?

5:07 pm  

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