Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Ooh aren't I a naughty blogger!

Life just seems to be galloping along at the mo and I'm rapidly running out of time to acieve what I'd like to by Christmas. So, deep breath in, exhale, if it doesn't get done, well, it doesn't matter! 8-)

I have just been catching up on a few blogs and have to say Rach, you are a wonderful person, never forget that & you made me blush, thank you! Tracie - hope that your sale is incredibly successful. And Ann - you've made me remember my silly sayings too!

So, what have I said in my sleep..........

1. "There's a man by my bed offering me chillis"!

2. "Did you put the bowling ball in the bag?"! - Should point out that we don't bowl on a regular basis!!!!!!!! Wacko!

3. In a very loud voice "There's a man hiding by the curtains" to which my hubby replied "Well, he knows that you can see him now"!!!!!!!!!!!

I obviously have a very imaginative brain when asleep!!!!!! I think hubby prefers me to say things, than wake him up with my ear piercing screams, just because I've had a spider nightmare!!!!!!!! LOL!!!

Well folks need to get on with work. Will get around to uploading my layouts from the last retreat, which Mum & I enjoyed immensley.

Take care all!


Blogger ally said...

I hope you had a great retreat, cant wait to see the lo's allie

8:31 am  
Blogger Debbie said...

Hi Allie ... lol at all your sleep talk! Can't wait to see your layouts, glad you had a fab time away.

8:17 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

its the 29th, and you havent updated....tut tut!!.


7:29 pm  
Blogger Queensland Lakes said...

A little birdy told me that the 29th November was your birthday - so girl.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!... hope you had a great one....
Love from Rach's Blister in Australia and her husband to be.....Ali & Ian xx

9:42 pm  

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