Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Morgan Owyn Thomas Has Arrived!!!!!!!!!

On Wednesday 20th June at 16:50, Morgan Owyn Thomas was born weighing 7lbs 3ozs.

This first photo was taken when Morgan was just a couple of hours old. The hat is hiding his bruise from the ventouse delivery, but he did manage to scratch his face with a fingernail about a minute after his birth!!!!!! 8-)

The second photo is of Morgan leaving the hospital to go home, when he was 2 days old.

The third is a typical shot of Morgan - asleep after some food!!!!!! 8-)

This last one is of Morgan when he was 3 days old and yes, he does have jaundice! In fact when he was 5 days old, we had to take him to A&E for a serum bilirubin test. Luckily, his levels were below those that require phototherapy. His jaundice today (13 days old) is almost gone and he is settling in well. We have registered his birth - which was odd to see his name in print on official documents!!!! 8-) Best dash, he is stirring and will want a feed shortly - the baby with the enormous tummy!!! LOL!!! 8-)


Blogger Kelly said...

fabby piccies allie, hugs to you all xxxx

10:58 pm  
Blogger Queensland Lakes said...

Hey Allie - I have been checking for pics every day since Rach told me - congratulations, he is just so cute. Can't wait to see some more pics - pleased to hear all is going well - lots of Australian love - Ali & Ian (Rach's Blister)

11:24 am  
Blogger Mandy said...

He is absolutely beautiful. Can't wait to see his progress in a few months etc. Big hugs to you all xox

4:28 pm  

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