Thursday, September 20, 2007

Starting as he means to go on?.......I hope not!!!!!

Poor Morgan, with parents like us, he's going to be photographed looking silly quite a number of times! Especially when he can't run away yet!!!!! So here he is in his chair, with the remote and a bottle of beer!!!!!!!!
I didn't buy his bodysuit, honest! It was my MIL!!!!!! And he does have one that says Daddy too, but he possetted on it as soon as I put it on him that morning!!!!!

Well, it's almost time to be heading off to baby yoga, so au revoir and lets hope that I manage to blog a little more regularly in the future! Well, lets be honest, I can't get too much worse!!!!! LOL!!! Have a great day!


Blogger Alison Docherty said...

don't worry hun you won't have to teach him this is in their genes or should it be in their jeans lol

8:16 pm  
Blogger Tracie H said...

LOL! He's certainly started young! WTG lil'll make a fine husband one day!

8:14 pm  

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