Monday, February 18, 2008

First of the Summer Wine, or, Baby Indiana Jones?

Just needed to post some photos that would make me smile, as I received some news that I'd hoped wouldn't come yet. RIP NEM. My dh reckoned that in the top photo squirt lloked like Cleggy from Last of the Summer Wine, so maybe I should do a layout titled First of the Summer Wine! Then wearing his Grandpas cowboy hat, he looks a star!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Happy New Year!!!!......Oops it's February!!!!!!!

Well, I've been a truly awful blogger and not updated for sooooooo long, it is embarrassing!!!! LOL! We had a nice holiday at Centreparcs in November, though think Squirt was a little too young to do much. Have to say that the Spa is well worth a visit! Oooooh, such fabulous massages!!!!!!!!

Then DH had to go away on business to San Francisco in December and Squirt was looking like he'd roll over whilst he was gone. But would you believe that Squirt waited until his Daddy had been home for an hour and then did it!!!!

On the 12th December Squirt cut his 1st tooth and a week later cut his 2nd!! He had a fantastic Christmas, got spolit rotten, but had his Christmas dinner and enjoyed it!!! Have attached 2 piccies taken of him, one on Christmas Eve with his 2 Grandmas and one on Christmas Day having his dinner!

January saw DH off to Germany for 2 weeks, though luckily, he came home for the weekend! Squirt was weighed a few days ago (32 weeks old) and was 23lb 2oz!!!! That's 10.5kg! So, he is sitting nicely on the 98th centile!! We're keeping busy with swimming lessons, Tumble Tots, Tiny Talk and Baby Yoga and still meeting occasionally with the NCT girls. Squirt is now 7 months old and I'm not sure quite where all the time has gone!

Talking of Squirt, I'm sure he's tuned in to listen for the tapping on the keyboard, as everytime I get on here and start to click and tap, he starts to stir!!!! Hope you and yours are all well & catch you again soon - hopefully before Easter!!!!!! LOL!