Friday, June 27, 2008

OMG - Squirt is 1!!!!!!!!!!!

Please forgive the lack of blogging, but as many of you know, things have been a little up and down since March 8-( Needless to say, I am now back at work full-time, which is a big 8-( Although, I've yet to complete a full week, what with being ill myself and then squirt being ill and being excluded from nursery for 48 hours!

Well, on the 20th June, squirt turned 1! OMG! Where has the past year disappeared too?!!! I can't believe how well he is doing, he's been toddling on his own for 3 weeks now - can you believe that he waited until I was on the phone to my new line manager to start walking alone?!!!! I guess, you could call it quite the attention graber!!

We had a lovely day on the 21st, with his Grandma & Grandpa, Grandma & Grandad and both of his Aunts and Uncles along with his cousin, come up to celebrate his 1st birthday. He received lots of fab pressies (I'm still aiming to get the thank you cards done before Christmas!) and was on good form. Thought that I would share a piccie of the wee man, we think he's gorgeous - though goodness knows where he got that from!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!

Hope you are all well and hopefully, I'll blog again before the clocks go back!!!


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