Monday, February 18, 2008

First of the Summer Wine, or, Baby Indiana Jones?

Just needed to post some photos that would make me smile, as I received some news that I'd hoped wouldn't come yet. RIP NEM. My dh reckoned that in the top photo squirt lloked like Cleggy from Last of the Summer Wine, so maybe I should do a layout titled First of the Summer Wine! Then wearing his Grandpas cowboy hat, he looks a star!


Anonymous kate said...

he's getting so big (((((((())))))))
Kate n Sarah

2:18 pm  
Blogger Alison Docherty said...

Squirt looks fab in both but I have to say the first is my fav!!

5:50 pm  
Blogger ally said...

i love the cowboy look, he is so sweet

7:59 pm  
Blogger Mandy said...

Awhhh he is just such a cutie. As someone with a hat fetish I know why he's smiling lol! xox

10:19 pm  
Anonymous kellyg said...

ahhh what a cutie i love the first piccie :):)

11:40 pm  

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