Thursday, March 06, 2008

Squirt is Living Up To His Name!

The last week has passed in a bit of a blur if I'm honest! Last Friday squirt came down with a cold, that meant he was coughing and couldn't breathe through his nose. Needless to say, he woke up A LOT on Friday and Saturday night 8-(

Friday night we called round to see a friend whose twins were 1 on Saturday! Can't believe that they are already a year old, means that squirt will be 1 in just a few months! Where has the time gone?!!! One of the twins and their eldest had picked up a bug and squirt picked it up to! So on Mothering Sunday, I was allowed a lovely lie-in until almost 9am and a great day, until mid-afternoon, when the vomiting started. I have to say that it may be a while before I give him fish again, because the smell of it regurgitated after being in the tummy for a few hours was retch inducing - and that was just me!!!!!!!!!

Whilst the vomiting has now stopped, the bum is still exploding out of his nappies 8-( We've had to hose him down in the bath quite frequently, including this morning at 5am! Even his grobag and bedding had to be thrown in the washing machine! Yuck! I hope it becomes a little more solid soon, otherwise his Daddy and Grandma and Grandad won't enjoy nappy changing this weekend whilst I am away at a Scrapaholix retreat - whoo-hoo!!!!!!!!!

I shall sign off now, but leave you with a photo of squirt taken in the bath recently - such a gorgeous chappie - but I am a tad biased!!!!!!!! LOL!


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