Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Todays blog prompt on UKScrappers: Are you a scrapbook evangelist? Do you want to convert your non-scrapper friends/families into scrapbookers? Do you try to find friends that scrapbook? If so, how? Do you show your pages to anyone who doesn't scrapbook?

I have been scrapbooking for a couple of years now and in that time I have converted both my Mum and mother in law! People at work know what I do and I have taken in projects, layouts and the like to show them. The guys in the security office at work know me VERY well!!!! Oops!! Online shopping is sooooooooo easy and I LOVE to receive parcels!!!!! The papers on these layouts is Rouge de Garance and I think they are fabulous! You don't need to do very much with the paper if you don't want to and you can still end up with beautiful results. Must say that I've recently had a delivery of more of this paper!!!! 8-) The photos were taken at Discovery Cove in June 2006. If you've not guessed already by reading my blog, we had a 'big' holiday over to North Carolina, with a quick sojourn to Florida in June. We went over to see a dear friend - Heather, get married to Donny. Whilst over there I was taken to The Enchanted Cottage, a scrapbooking store in Lewisville, NC, where I was made to feel so very welcome and boy was I ever like a kid in a candy store!!!!!!!! Heather is an art teacher and is also into scrapbooking - I wonder if she's visited much since I left?!!!!!!


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these were lovely pages irl i still havent used my papers lol

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