Thursday, September 07, 2006

That warm fuzzy feeling...... get when you do something for someone else? Whether it is just being there and supporting, helping through a dark period or something else, you just can't beat that warm fuzzy feeling.

Talking of warm and fuzzy, no nothing rude! I am a member of the Yadkin County Humane Society, and apparently the t-shirts and sweatshirts we've had made for us are ready & I've got one! So I will be able to support them here more visably in the UK! My penfriend lives in Yadkin county and is the foster carer of Sawyer (see the previous post - I'd like a dog, for a very cute piccie!) and introduced me to the YCHS. She donates so much of her time to fostering animals, helping with fundraisers and promoting the YCHS, so Gretchen, you deserve that warm fuzzy feeling EVERY day.

This is a photo of us from 1999, when Gretchen came over (with her sister & cousin) to visit us in the UK. Whilst here, we took them down to Brighton to meet my boyfriends folks and decided we'd go to the pier. We had a great time & this photo always makes me smile.


Blogger Debbie said...

Allie darl' .. it's not only Gretchen that deserves the daily warm fuzzys ... you do too for being one of the kindest, most generous peeps I've ever been fortunate enough to meet! Wubs ya madly!!!

12:32 pm  

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