Friday, April 27, 2007

Building Progress - Part III

This is where my STep-dad has plastered the plasterboard.....

And this is where he's plastered the rendered wall - looks great - thank you! 8-)

This is still a work in progress and if I say that we've not only been doing this to the nursery, but to our bedroom too! DH and I are currently sleeping in the guest room, which we thankfully did about 5 years ago! However, with little storage space, that room is filled to capacity and there are extra boxes in the living room. Add to that the dustsheets in the hallway downstairs, up the stairs and the upstairs hallway and the 2 sheets of plasterboard that were extra sat in the hallway downstairs, and you could say it looks a little like chaos!!!! LOL!

But we're getting there, or should I say, DH, my Step-dad and my FIL are getting there on Busby's behalf!!!!!! Many, many thanks!

Building Progress - Part II

This is the extra soundproofing that we've added!

Then the plasterboard, which apparently is also one with some soundproofing qualities! Did I mention we've added some soundproofing?!!!!!

This is the rendering/floating of the brick wall, courtesy of my Step-dad - thank you! 8-)

The Building Work Progress...........

So this is the first of the photos with the plaster having been knocked off the walls in the little room (aka the nursery).

This is where Dave has added some insulation, to help with soundproofing!

And this is adding the wooden frame for more soundproofing insulation to go in!

And it's getting bigger!!!!!!!!!!!

This is me at 28+3, so about 3 and a half weeks ago - I know, I'm a very bad blogger at the moment! 8-) As you can see, I've expanded a lot since the previous photo and for those that made the comments, I've left my head on this time!!!

I'm 31+6 today and off to the Doodlin' Daisies Weekend Crop. Looking forward to going, as this is my last weekend retreat prior to Busby arriving and I get to see another fellow jellie - Debs!

House is still in chaos, but will post some piccies shortly of what work has already been completed - still a lot to do!

Best news is that my penfriend had her baby daughter - Cora last week - wish I could just pop over to North Carolina for a quick cuddle!!!!! Congratulations G&D!! 8-)