Monday, June 18, 2007

Exposed Belly Warning - do not scroll down if easily offended!

Now with us re-doing our bedroom, we do not have any mirrors to check out how big my belly has been getting. So I asked dh if he could take a couple of 'exposed' belly shots, so I could see for myself! Well, these were taken at 38 weeks & OMG, I apologise if anyone is shocked, but I was not expecting to look quite like this! Didn't realise I was so big! LOL! 8-)

Have not been at work for 2 weeks now, and already the texts have started 8-( Do people really believe that we wouldn't let them know when we had news? DH is threatening that everytime someone asks, he is going to delay telling them by a day! I know that people are excited & mean well, but believe me when I say, when it does happen, we will let you all know!!!!!!! 8-)

Apart from some puffy feet and not sleeping particularly well and the pelvic pains as Busby moves down further into the engaged position, I'm absolutely fine. I get a little peeved that people think I'm ill, I'm pregnant, not sick! Sorry for the rant, must be the hormones!!! ;-) Just wish that the nesting instinct would kick in, hey-ho, still time I guess! 5 days until my due date, so anytime in the next 19 days I guess we'll be expecting Busby to make an appearance 8-)

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Where's the bump?........There it is!!!!!

People are always commenting that from the back, I don't look pregnant, so when I turn around it can be a bit of a shock! So, hubby took these 3 photos in the garden on Sunday, when I was 37+1

From this time last week, the belly has increased another half an inch, so it does still continue to grow!!!

Then this is the head on photo. When I was walking in town yesterday, the number of people who were staring at me! Anyone would think I had a second head! I have to say though that this hot weather isn't doing my ankles and feet any good! The only shoes I can get on are my crocs!

I've just seen the weather report for this weekend and it looks like its going to be very warm again! Oh well, I can just be barefoot and pregnant! LOL!!