Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Tagged Again!!

So, I've been tagged by sugar and spice and all things nice Debs, to answer the following:

Detail 10 things that have scared me.

Mmmmm, this is going to be hard,

1. Watching my friend Grace, collapse and die in front of the class on the school field during a lesson of PE when I was 14.

2. Seeing a strange car pull up outside the friends house I was playing at, that had my brothers' and my toys/clothes in the back.

3. Coming home from work to find Dave on the bedroom floor, clutching his head and the only word that was intelligible was 'help' (luckily, it was just an incredibly bad migraine).

4. Having to phone Daves parents to tell them that Dave was being taken to hospital in an ambulance (see above).

5. Watching Dave having to have a lumbar puncture to rule out meningitis (see #3 - it took many attempts as he wasn't behaving, and as for the language coming out of his mouth!).

6. Knowing that family, friends and loved ones will not live forever.

7. When my Mum had to go and have a lump investigated - luckily it wasn't malignant.

8. The thought that I may never be a Mum.

9. Hearing that there had been an armed robbery at the Post Office where my Mum was working, whilst picking up a pack of mints from the local newsagents on my lunch break.

10. It may seem stupid, but I am an arachnophobe. So am scared whenever I see an 8-legged creature. The worst probably was seeing the one that had fallen into my bedroom bin at home, after I had been woken up by rustling during the night & Dave told me it was probably just a cat on the bathroom roof!

Think that I'll go and tag The Mayoress of Jellytown - Rach!!!!!!


Blogger Debbie said...

Oh Allie ((hugs)) for you darl'...

6:37 am  
Blogger rach said...

may i just 'thank' you for tagging me!.

seriously tho, you're answers are thought provoking, thanks for sharing them.

8:19 pm  

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